Saturday, June 20, 2009

3.5 hours in: finished FIRE!

Fire is the companion novel or prequel to Cashore's debut novel (which I LOVED), Graceling. In case you haven't read it yet (go get it!! now!!), Graceling is about a world of seven kingdoms where some people are born with special gifts, graces. The main character, Katsa, has the gift of killing people, but is tired of being manipulated by the king to inflict harm on others. She and Prince Po, another Graceling who is almost her match in a fight (and other ways!), much work together on an adventure that reveals the most dangerous Grace of all.

Fire is loosely related to Graceling. I don't want to say too much since this book won't actually be released until September. Speaking generally, I'll say that I've fallen even more in love with the way Kristin Cashore builds new worlds and for her ability to create kick-butt female characters who are complex and real. What made so many teens here at the Millicent Library swoon over Graceling, though, was the romance. Fire is even more romantic. I promise!

I wish I could say more about this one, but I'll hold off until after September 9. !!
If you want to know more about Kristin Cashore, visit her blog/website. She lives in Massachusetts!

(many thanks again to my friend Nicole who lent her ARC from BEA to me!)

48 hr personal challenge UPDATE: 3.5 hours read/listened
# books finished: 1 (almost done with 2nd)

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