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The Roar...dystopian sci-fi thriller...

The Roar The Roar by Emma Clayton

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rating: 3 of 5 stars
Mika is a twin living in a futuristic world where all of humanity lives in the northern hemisphere of Earth behind a Wall due to an Animal Plague that has made the rest of Earth uninhabitable. Mika is twelve years old and is part of the first generation born since the Plague took hold over 40 years ago. Life is uncomfortable and unpleasant for most people (i.e. the poor people) who have to live in confined spaces, eat colored mold, are terrified of the idea of animals and barely ever see the sun. Mika's twin, Ellie, is missing, but Mika senses that she is not dead, as their parents presume. When the government begins offering Mika and all his classmates FitMix and encourages them to play arcade games after school, Mika is suspicious. Once he learns that playing the game is the only way to get closer to Ellie, however, he is determined to matter the cost.

I'm completely creeped out by Clayton's take on the future we're headed towards if we continue to trash our world. (I like to be creeped out by dystopian future Certain elements of the book were confusing and seemed not to fit with the story. The ending was pretty open and left room for a sequel, but I've found no indication that there will be one. I wouldn't mind having to imagine my own ending in this case. Clayton is a first-time author and I look forward to reading more. I wish I could give this 3.5 stars. I recommend this book to anyone who liked The Hunger Games by Collins, Unwind by Wasserman or Carbon Diaries 2015 by Lloyd

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