Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, Book 1) The Angel Experiment by James Patterson

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rating: 5 of 5 stars
Now I know what all the hype is about! So many teens have told me to try this series, but for some reason I put it off. Now that the 5th book is being released tomorrow, though, I thought I'd better finally give it a try. WOW. Maximum Ride is an unbelievably awesome character with wings, incredible leadership abilities and a pretty difficult destiny (save the world) she's only 14. The rest of the flock: Fang, Gasman, Iggy, Angel and Nudge are mutants, as well, on the run from the Erasers and the rest of the Whitecoats from the School. Really all Max wants is information and the ability to live free...

I can't wait to read the second book! I'm actually glad to be reading this series now because I can blow through all five without waiting. :)

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