Thursday, December 11, 2008

writing club crazy stories

We've been writing collaborative stories in our Thursday Writing Club and I thought I'd share one here. This story was written by Erin, Tessa, Andrew, Isaac, Tori, Hanna and me! You can see when it changes writers by the text (bold/regular/bold).

collaborative story 2

All of a sudden he was trapped!

The rocks had filled the entrance. There was no way to move them. How was he going to get out? Tim decided to try and explore the cave. Maybe there was a way out. He kept walking on and on. After a while he started to get bored and then worried.

What if he never got out? What if no one realized he was gone!? All of a sudden he heard a shrill shriek!

“What was that?” he said aloud. He was terrified. What if it was a monster…

From around the corner came a small, timid white mouse. A mouse! Tim couldn’t believe he’d gotten so scared over a mouse! Its squeak must have echoed in the cave.

Tim knew his classmates were somewhere up ahead—but where? How would they ever find him? He felt his hands around the cave and shone his flashlight into every crack to see if he could find a way out…nothing. With a sigh he sat down and started to cry. Just as soon as the first tear hit his nose, he stopped with a jerk. How could he just sit there? He needed to think. He needed to conserve his energy and the flashlight’s energy. He turned off the flashlight and began to shout…

All that he heard was an echo in return. He started to run, but there was nothing but blackness. Tim was shaking now when he heard something. The mouse again? No, a voice, that wasn’t his own…

“Try to find a way out!” said the voice, but then, THERE WAS THE MOUSE! It came over and turned into a banana! Then it choked me until my teeth exploded!

Then the mouse turned into a man with a white beard.

Muffled (since my teeth had exploded), I said, “Are you a wizard?”

“No, I’m a dude, guy, what are you talking about?” said the man. “I am a surfer. I can surf like no tomorrow, Dude.”

“How do you get out of here?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

I looked around me and it was a beach and surfer music was playing.

“Let’s go surfing, radical dude,” the man said.


Tarnum said...

Hi, I'm pretty interested in your crazy story. but where's the first part? And will there be any follow-up? Oh, by the way, I am in a writing club and i just can't find its blog!

Laura said...

Thanks for writing a comment! We didn't have a was just a game and all the first writer got was "And suddenly he was trapped!" Then we passed it around the room and added to the story as we went. You can tell where the writer changes voices by the font changes. Have fun with your writing club!