Friday, September 5, 2008

REVIEW: Boys that Bite by Marci Mancusi

This book was recommended to me by Sylvia...and I loved it! Sunshine and Rayne are completely identical twins. They are so identical that their mom can't tell them apart and neither can the vampire that is supposed to turn Rayne. He turns Sunny instead, instantly giving her Vampire Scent (irresistible to all human males and some females) and a taste for blood. She wants a reversal, but is it possible?

What follows is a funny, light book about vampires, love and legend. The conversational tone along with the fun twist on vampire life kept me reading along. This book is a cross between Sweet Valley Twins and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Both have cultish appeal and I think this series could, as well. There are two sequels: Stake That! and Girls that Growl. Check out the author's website, too.

These books are available through Inter-Library Loan. You can place a hold using the SAILS website and your library card or call the library!

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