Thursday, May 22, 2008

Website(s) of the week

Website of the week: online mixtape sites
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When I was a kid, making a mixed tape (especially off the radio) was a painstaking process involving lots of stop, record, rewind...ugh. By college, things had gotten easier with mix CDs and in the past few years CDs have all but disappeared and now we make playlists for mp3 players like ipods.

Meet the newest evolution of the mix tape: online mix tapes. and are sites that allow you to create your own 'mixtape' and then share it with your friends through MySpace, Facebook or even here on Blogger. Of course you can also just send your friends a link to your mix (muxtape allows you to do this). So far mixwit is considered legal (they've worked out licensing deals), but muxtape is a bit murkier.

Here's a short mixtape from Mixwit:

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bay said...

I absolutly love it!